Hey 👋

I’m Chris Brooks, Digital Marketer and Content Developer.

You’ll most likely find me looking at stats and data for SEO or doing keyword research and CPC/ CTR/ ROI* calculations for PPC. 🎯

If you’re not sure what all that meant that’s okay 🤗 – one day I hope to have a blog here teaching more readers like yourself about the wonderful world of SEO and PPC*.
For now, you can head on over to Twitter or LinkedIn to learn more about me. 🕵️

A few of my favorite things:
🎉 Emojis
🏎️ Formula 1
📚 Reading
🏃‍♂️ Running
🎬 Documentaries
🎖️ War movies
✅ Calendars and To Do lists (I currently use Google Calendar and TickTick 💙)

* Can’t wait for the blog? Here’s what those weird abbreviations stand for.

CPC – Cost Per Click
CTR – Clickthrough Rate
ROI – Return on Investment
PPC – Pay Per Click
SEO – Search Engine Optimization